About us

TRIPS OF DREAMS CO., LTD. was established in early 2012 as a fully owned family business after more than 30 years of experience and activity in the tourism industry serving foreign tourists in capacity of an Inbound Tour Operator based in Bangkok. Our old partners and directors, both foreign and local have since retired.

The core of our business operation has always been the Francophone market from France & territories (New Caledonia, Reunion) and ex-colonies (Madagascar, Mauritius) plus some French speaking traffic from Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. Other clients include tourists from Australia, U.S.A, some Western European nations and in the last couple of years, movements from Russia and the emerging Eastern European market.
The internet has opened the door to business worldwide with individual tourists booking from faraway places. More and more travelers are planning their holidays now, in big families and party of friends.

The popularity of LOW COST and BUDGET airlines has added to the travel opportunities. From Thailand, it is now extremely CHEAP to make trips extension to Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Joe P. Suwanmethanont / Senior Director
Ex-pilot with Air America Inc., flying the skies of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Started SKYWORLD TRAVEL INC. in the early 80s, serving tourists from West Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and France. Involved mostly in programming, marketing and sales.

Majoline Dulac Suwanmethanont / Managing Director
Ex French teacher at the Alliance Francaise Bangkok. Manage the day-to-day operation and the main influence in our lucrative Francophone market.

Sunny C. Suwanmethanont / Director
Still an active and popular movie star in Thailand. The heir apparent of our business. Inactive for the moment but should be ready in active role in a couple of years.